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About Soccer1on1

Learning is never finished! Players of all ages and skill levels need to continually work on improving their abilities to be the best.

1on1 training will focus on your specific needs, helping you turn your weaknesses to strengths.

Our trainers are past professional players that will customize training programs for your specific needs and goals.

Our training will focus on:







Speed & Acceleration

Scanning & vision


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About Our Head Coach

The world of professional athletics isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. Farivar Torabi Sereshki began to form his incredible work ethic at a young age, spending time outside school and on the weekends practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to compete at the top level as a Professional Athlete. Farivar has 17 years of professional experience playing in Iran and Thailand. Farivar began coaching in Thailand for a woman's university team and has since obtained his coaching license from Iran, and Barcelona University FC and continues to learn the best playing and coaching techniques as he believes that growth is never finished.

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